School Programs is dedicated to developing the fantastic sport of Volleyball through educating and facilitating the game of beach volleyball in Sydney.

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SCHOOL PROGRAMS is dedicated to develop the fantastic sport of Volleyball through educating and facilitating the game of beach volleyball in Sydney. We pride ourselves on coaching and educating school aged kids and providing qualified and WWC certified coaching service that schools can utilize as part of their sports programs. We currently work with several schools in your area and we are looking to extend our programs. We would love to help you introduce and/or build on your current program for Beach and Indoor Volleyball.

Beach volleyball is a very enjoyable sport for all grade levels. The naturally fast paced, non-contact game is great for improving physical fitness and maintaining a healthy weight with less risk of serious injury, when compared to contact sports and sports played on hard surfaces. Volleyball is a great developmental sport because it is not the typical “throw and catch” sport. This allows students of varying athletic background and ability to learn new skills together. The game fosters speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination in a team based environment. This team dynamic promotes social interactions, which leads to increased social cohesion, and strong team problem solving skills, such as cooperation and communication. 

Our aim is to introduce beach volleyball to the kids in a fun and game-wise way. During the program we will go through the four basic skills: serving, passing, setting and spiking. Every activity will be designed as a little competition to make the technical parts more fun. As every school, every kid and every day is different, we try to be as flexible and as responsive as possible. We guarantee that at the end of the program everyone will be able to perform the basics of beach volleyball and compete in volleyball related games.

Normally, a session starts with some warm-up games to get the kids quickly involved in a fun and active way. These games are not always volleyball related, but are targeting the kids’ coordination and team work skills. After the warm-up the we move on to the technical part of the session, where a new skill is introduced. Usually we focus on one skill per session, starting with underarm serving, passing, setting and finally, spiking. After a few fun and challenging drills, the kids will have the opportunity to test their new skills in a game situation. 

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The Sydney Beach Volleyball School program can be implemented at your school, or you can bring the children down to one of our approved venues being;

The Sydney Beach Volleyball Schools Program involves:

  • Clinic with an elite instructor
  • Group Activities
  • Skill based drills
  • Mini Tournament

If the program is held at your school, Sydney Beach Volleyball School will supply and set up the volleyball nets as required (min 50pax required if held at your school). The program can be tailored to suit your timetable.


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*To book your school group please complete the Booking Confirmation sheet or call us on 1300 865 53