School Programs is dedicated to developing the fantastic sport of Volleyball through educating and facilitating the game of beach volleyball in Sydney.

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SCHOOL PROGRAMS is dedicated to promoting the sport of beach volleyball in Sydney, especially among school-aged kids. We take pride in offering qualified and WWC certified coaching services for schools, and we currently collaborate with several schools in your area. Our goal is to expand our programs and assist you in introducing or enhancing your Beach and Indoor Volleyball programs.

Discover the reasons why beach volleyball is a fantastic choice for your students:

  • Enjoyable for all grade levels.
  • Fast-paced, non-contact, and safe.
  • Improves physical fitness and coordination.
  • Fosters social interactions and teamwork.

Here’s what you can expect from our engaging sessions:

  • Typical session begins with warm-up games to engage kids actively.
  • Technical instruction focuses on one skill per session, starting with underhand serving, passing, setting, and spiking.
  • Kids participate in enjoyable and challenging drills.
  • Sessions conclude with the opportunity for kids to test their skills in game scenarios.

Booking Information


The Sydney Beach Volleyball School program can be implemented at your school, or you can bring the children down to one of our approved venues being:

  • Manly Beach
  • Maroubra Beach

If the program is held at your school, Sydney Beach Volleyball School will supply and set up the volleyball nets as required (min 50pax required if held at your school). The program can be tailored to suit your timetable.


  • Clinic with an elite instructor
  • Group Activities
  • Skill based drills
  • Mini Tournament


To book your school group please complete our School Booking Form.

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