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Meet our awesome team, we are an international bunch sharing the same passion: Beach Volleyball!

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About us

Our Management

Our Managers are here to assist you in all things volleyball. They will point you in the right direction, help you sign up, and could also end up being your guru coach on the sand too.

They love their ‘office on the sand’ and are enthusiastic about bringing the community together through beach volleyball and the awesome lifestyle…

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll help you fall in love with the sport and encourage your experience down on the beach.

Gregor Salvin is the heart of beachvolleyball.com.au – he lives and breathes volleyball. As a passsionate indoor volleyball player, having played indoor in the Sydney League and Australian Volleyball League, he turned his focus to beach volleyball and took over the Sydney Beach Volleyball School to make the most of the Australian lifestyle on the beaches of Sydney.

Gregor took ownership in 2013, since then he has made big changes and grown beachvolleyball.com.au to make it more accessible across the Sydney region.

Originally, from Scotland and now an honorary Australian this funny talented beach volleyball player is the person that does all the hard work on and off the sand to keep you on the sand, involved in this great sport.

Michaela is everything and much more in her position as the manager of the Manly Beach, Northern Beaches Location. Her life and passion is beach volleyball and she is forever doing what she can to ensure that her coaches, staff and players are happy.

Creating good vibes and atmosphere to the Manly location, she has brought her influence of being a top defensive Czech beach volleyball player into the beach volleyball community. This has been  through beachvolleyball.com.au and as a top competitor in Manly and on the national and internationally. Throughout her career she has received top results internationally on the FIVB World Tour and in Australia.

It is Michaela that you will most likely be in contact with if you are keen to get on the sand at Manly. Her hope is that you will love beach volleyball as much as her and her fellow coaches do. Ask her for defensive tips, she is ‘The Master’.

Sarah used to be the heart and the brain in Maroubra, but is nowadays building a dream team with Misa to manage our venue in Manly.

Her talents, passion for the sport and her “German efficiency” gave her the manager position after joining the company as a coach in 2016. Same as Misa, she is giving her all to grow the amazing beach volleyball community at Manly, Sydney, Australia.

Sarah’s experience as a beach volleyball player on state and national tour level gives her the edge when it comes to coaching. Her eye for the game is very tactical and thought out, which influences her coaching style as well as her long experience as a full-time athlete.

Ask her about pokey shots and always giving 100%!

Our Coaches

Our Coaches all have a love for Beach Volleyball and feel lucky to share our knowledge of the game through our sessions.

We aim to make our sessions fun, yet challenging and hope to spark that enjoyment in all the elements and intricacies of the game. There is a lot to take in at each level, and us coaches are also still learning ourselves and strive to become better players, too.

Come and meet our great Coaching Team, who come from all over the world, with varied backgrounds of volleyball. Quiz us, discuss all things beach volleyball, listen to our experiences and absorb as much as you can.

Alice is a World Junior Champion and as a professional in her peak spent many years competing on the FIVB World Tour, Australian and Asian Tour as well as competing on National tours around the world. Alice has represented the Australian national team in both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Her cool, calm and collected demeanour and her unbelievable ability to make the sport look easy is impressive.

She definitely wins the award for the nicest coach on the beach and is well known for her tough warm ups and her never ending creativity for continous drills.

Ask her for tips on defense, hitting hard and jump serving… oh and how to train your 6th sense!

Hannah travels from summer to summer by living 6 months in Sydney and 6 months in Sweden and has been part of our coaching team from the very beginning. As a player she has played many events on the Swedish and Australian Tour for more than 10 years and has played heaps of different tournaments internationally since she was a teenager pairing up with internationals and/or aussies.

Han regularly coaches oversees as well at weekend camps for different volleyball schools – therefore she is always on top of new strategies and tips from Europe. She is the queen of fun and demanding warm-ups at the Beach and is an expert for all skill levels.

We can’t wait to have you back in summer!

Lucy brings her own mastery from her beach volleyball career into her coaching. Determined for her students to be the best they can, Lucy’s approach to coaching is a serious one.  She likes to motivate her students with both well planned sessions that will include some inspiration from her own trainings and her education as a personal trainer. Lucia originally from Slovakia is making the most of her life on the beaches of Australia. After representing Slovakia in the national teams, she teamed up with Misa to be a top competitor on the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour. Always bringing back good results to show her students.

Ask Lucy about timing, pokies and being an all round athlete in all areas of your life!

Mika has always been involved in sports his entire life. He moved to Manly, roughly 10 years ago from the Czech Republic.

With his European approach Mika’s sessions are known for being a good work out and and involve lots of technical repetition as he expects perfection from everyone (with a smile of course).
He is very interested in fitness and health in general and works as well as a coach for Manly health club.

Little Tip: Ask him about extra off court exercises to get your game to the next level.

Lachlan, A 4 time Golden Pokey award winner, Ellis or Blocklan, as his friends call him, is known as one of the most energy-efficient players on the Northern Beaches. As a 2016 graduate of the BeachVolley School beginners course, Lachlan’s rise is a storied one punctuated with multiple AAA scalps as he’s clawed his way into the picture for the 2022 Commonwealth Games selections.
Lachlan is renowned for his unique ability to pick what he calls “unicorns” out of the beginner squads, essentially being able to identify players at the beginner level who can rise through to the AAA NBVA level. His greatest coaching attribute may lie in his ASMR baritone voice. With his soothing tones, Lachlan provides his understudies with a sonic cradle as he guides them through their unicorn journeys. Ask him about his secret of the Lazy Stabby, a shot to this day that he alone has managed to master.

Radim is the multi talented Czech Super Whiz Guy with an intense background in football from his homeland Czech.  He has a passion for beach volleyball as much as he can throw himself around the beach volleyball court. His teaching skills and experience as a sports teacher are very valuable to beachvolleyball.com.au. Radim competes in beach volleyball at Manly and around Australia and shows his students that training to improve their beach volleyball game pays off.

Radim is a coach at Manly and works hard to keep his students learning while also helping behind the scenes so that the Manly and Northern Beaches location is the ultimate hot spot for beach volleyball in Australia.

10 years after playing high school indoor volleyball in his home country, Marcelo started his Beach Volleyball Journey at the Beach Volleyball School in 2016.

His passion for the sport and drive to get better helped him to make quick progress and compete at state and national level. Now he is honored to be coaching side by side with the people that were his coaches in his own volleyball journey.

Marcelo likes to focus on skills and consistency, as well as working on fitness and game strategies. He is also interested in the psychological side of the sport and believes that the secret for improving is to give 100% of yourself and still hold a big smile on your face.

The pocket rocket Peggy has quite the coaching process with countless NBVA and National Tour coaching wins to her name in partnerships with her housemates and basically anyone she yells at. Unfortunately her devotion to coaching has gotten in the way of her aspirations to represent Germany at the 2032 Olympics. Consequently, as beachvolleyballschool.com player, you’ll face the full force of her hyper-concentrated motivation as she lives her playing hopes and dreams through you instead. Peg’s strengths lie in the collaborative efforts she employs to expertly plan her sessions for maximum fun. She’s a delightful little button with a god awful sting who just loves to see other learn and thrive. In case you haven’t seen it or even know it exists, ask Peg about her Wet Lettuce shot that has a 100% success rate!

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Megan moved to Manly in 2019 and shortly there after started as a player with beachvolleyball.com.au. Despite little prior experience, she quickly took to the sport and has become passionate about supporting the broader beach volleyball community.

With the training and education from beachvolleyball.com.au, Megs has gone on to play at the local, state, and national level throughout Australia, and in 2022, led her team to victory in the infamous Manly 4×4 AUSNZ vs Rest of the World event.

Megs is a serious competitor on the court, leaving most of her opponents trembling as she approaches the service line. But don’t be fooled by her serious expression. Off the court, she loves meeting new members of the community, enjoys a friendly chat, and is always keen to share her volleyball wisdom and tips with others to help them improve their game. As a coach, Megan is enthusiastic to pass on what she has learned in the sport and help players find confidence on the sand.

The Ausnadian – half Australian half Canadian Travis returned to Manly and discovered his passion for the sport through the Beachvolleyball.com.au school in 2021. He is committed to improving his abilities as he continues to train and compete in local tournaments.

Overflowing with enthusiasm, Travis prides himself with introducing beginners to the sport, providing a positive experience for all his students, while growing the local beach volleyball community. He has this almost gravitational pull that draws people of any age or background into his circle and he is absolutely dedicated to spreading joy and finding a core of playfulness (sometimes hidden or buried very deeply) with everyone he engages.

Introducing Declan, a proud Aussie, he’s always called Australia home, with recent years basking in Queensland’s sun.

At 16, Declan’s beach volleyball journey began in Brisbane. Starting in indoor volleyball, he excelled in the junior and youth programs in Queensland and represented Australia.

Passion for beach volleyball ignited during university. Globetrotting adventures in the Czech Republic, China, and Spain deepened his love for the sport. Back in Australia, Declan embraced serious competition, participating in state and national tournaments and even trying World Tour events in the past year.

Coaching became his natural next step, finding fulfillment in helping others become their best. What he loves about coaching is watching players savor their growth and sharing the positive energy volleyball brings. Welcome Declan, our new coach, and elevate your beach volleyball game!

Allira was born In Copenhagen, Denmark, but grew up in Southern California. The sandy beaches of the Golden State were too strong of a call and inspired her to take on beach volleyball at young age. So, in her early twenties, she may be our youngest coach. But she already has over a decade of volleyball experience under her belt.

The beach is where Allira is at her element and she is thrilled to now call the Eastern Suburbs home. Ever-smiling, her friendliness and passion for the game are immediately contagious. But don’t be fooled by her kind and welcoming ways: behind her smile hides a fierce competitor who will make you train as hard in her sessions as she does herself.

She has a soft spot for working with young players and inspiring beginners in falling in love with our sport!

Nic is a local product of bBeachvolleyball.com.au. Getting her start in the beginner course in Maroubra in 2016, Nic has now gone on to play at the local, state and national levels across Australia. 

Perhaps not the quickest learner (much to her coaches dismay), as an ex-basketball player, it took Nic the better part of 4 years to master the correct 3 step spiking approach and footwork for beach volleyball. Nic is super grateful for the relentless persistence of her coaches at the school as it has dramatically improved her game. She is now passionate and excited to pass this knowledge on to the next generation of players in Manly. If she can do it, you definitely can! 

You can always expect Nic to greet you with a big smile and an understanding attitude. She loves her beach volleyball community and likes to build fun and energetic sessions to get beginners hooked on the sport she loves.

Introducing Nick, our Sydney-born coach and a true Maroubra Beach local. Nick embarked on his beach volleyball journey in 2019, quickly falling in love with the sport’s excitement and the vibrant community it offers. During the COVID-19 lockdown, beach volleyball became his go-to activity, keeping him healthy and connected. He swiftly climbed the ranks from beginner to the B squad, driven by his unwavering passion.

Coaching wasn’t just a natural progression for Nick; it was a desire born from his love for helping others improve and fine-tuning his own skills. It enhanced his ability to read the game and predict opponents’ moves. Nick’s coaching style is personal, focusing on building unique player relationships and witnessing those “aha” moments when skills align.

But what he enjoys most is simply being at the beach, surrounded by people, and playing volleyball. Join us in welcoming Nick, this dedicated coach, to our team and experience the excitement of beach volleyball with him!

Jean may have only discovered beach volleyball after turning 50, but damm if he is not making up for the lost time!

After a whole career spent among pots and pans, Jean decided to leave the stressful life as a Chef and fully embrace the Aussie life style. The first few times he tried to hit the ball, back in 2012, a good friend casually mentioned he could take some lessons and recommended beachvolleybal.com.au. To say he was pleased with his experience, well, that would be quite an understatement!

Ove the past 10 years, Jean has not only been climbing the ranks on Maroubra, but he became the heart and soul of our club and the engine of our now bustling social play scene.

He is often the first one at the beach every morning and the lifesavers will send the search party out if he is not seen in Maroubra beach for over two consecutive days.

Born in Porto, Portugal, Tiago has had a handful of “reincarnations” in his 40 (now plus…) years: International NGO officer, lawyer, travel agent, trainer, solo traveller, expedition leader, full time dad. The only ever constants arguably being his passions for travelling, the beach and volleyball.

While travelling the world, his backpack was always kept light. Nonetheless, his volleyball would always make the cut. And whereas in the jungle of Central America, the frozen lakes of Siberia, the steps of the Gobi or Myanmar’s guerrilla-controlled hinterland, his Mikasa never failed to break the ice and overcome any language barriers.

Not much has been “logic” and “obvious” in his life so far. That he now calls the nets at the south end of Maroubra Beach his office may well be the exception that confirms the rule.

As a coach, Tiago has an eye for the detail in his players base technique and a strong belief that positioning on the court is often the key to outplay your opponents.

Meet Caroline, originally from Dallas, Texas, she began her volleyball journey at just 11 years old with the Cleveland Volleyball Company in Ohio. Her passion for the game led her to Ohio State and TCU, where she excelled both indoors and on the sand.

Caroline’s love for learning and dedication to volleyball set her apart. She’s a lifelong player who’s always eager to explore the nuances of the sport. Transitioning from player to coach was a natural step for Caroline. She finds immense joy in helping others reach their volleyball goals and building a strong sense of community within the sport.

Caroline’s coaching style emphasizes determination and fosters a love for volleyball, especially among newcomers. She’s thrilled to share her expertise and elevate our volleyball community. Get ready to take your game to the next level with Caroline as your coach!