Our Venues

Beachvolleyball.com.au is located at two of Sydney’s most iconic beaches. In the beautiful northern beaches area our school is located directly at Manly Beach.

And in the vibrant area of the eastern suburbs we run our school at the south end of Maroubra Beach.

Manly Beach

How to Get There

We are located on the 3  most northern volleyball courts of Manly Beach. There are 8 volleyball courts set up permanently all year round and free to use for the public. 

The big set of stairs and beach showers in line with Denison St will lead you to the right spot. You will see our bright signage and friendly coaches in our blue  t-shirts. 

If you are coming by foot from Manly Corso, turn left and walk along the ocean beach front esplanade about 3-5 mins. 

We should be pretty easy to spot, but if you are not sure ask any beach volleyball player on the courts and they will point you in the right direction.

Maroubra Beach

How to Get There

We are located at the south end of Maroubra Beach and have five permanent poles. Please note, that our nets are only up if we run classes or events, which means social games during the day or at night are not possible.

The easiest way to access our courts is by following Broome St all the way to the parking area next to the South Maroubra Surf and Life Saving Club, which is free and unlimited. From there take the path down to the beach and we should be pretty easy to spot.

If you arrive by public transport, the easiest way is walking down the path next to the beach, to avoid a 800m beach walk.