Squads are popular for anyone who has completed our beginner courses or has some 2 aside experience and wants to progress their skills to a competitive level and further their beach fitness. 

Learn & Play 


Our squads are designed and structured to be based on skill, not age and have been developed to reflect  an elite program with pre, on and off season training blocks. G Squads are for 1.5hours. 

  • Included warm up and exercises, drills and challenges that are designed specific to the level and capabilities of the players. Game play and  sand fitness can also be incorporated.
  • The levels are from A being the highest squad level to G being the lowest squad level. Check out more information on “grading” here.
  • All squads have a maximum of 8 players to one coach.
  • Squads can be coed or separate  
  • The squad will only run if a minimum of 4 people have signed up.

Want to join?


We offer several packages where you can buy sessions in bulk and get a discount, so that you can train more often for less money. If you are super keen, we offer different memberships for our two locations as well. Check our pricing options here.


Once you created an account, you can manage everything needed for hitting the sand with us under my account. E.g. buying session packages, signing up for a membership, booking sessions, keeping track of your payments and much more.

not sure what level you are?

Please send us an email  and describe your volleyball/beachvolleyball experience as detailed as possible and we will happily invite you for a trial to be graded.

Our Schedule

Squad Opening Times:

  • Manly Weekday: 7 day rolling at 8am
  • Manly Weekend: Tuesday 8pm
  • Maroubra All Week: 7 day rolling at 8am