Social Events Maroubra

We are regularly running some exciting social events in Maroubra on top of our extensive Beginner and Squad program like King/Queen of the Court or other events.

Groups & Events

Social Events Maroubra

Beyond our popular social tournaments, beginner classes, and squad sessions, we also host regular social events.

These gatherings put a fresh spin on gameplay, moving beyond the traditional 2 vs 2 format, and promise an electrifying mix of competition and fun. We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to hit the sand, so stay tuned to this page to ensure you’re in on all the action.

» King of the Court

Join competitive 90min of game play with rotating partners. Simple: 15min time slots of King of the Court, winners move up, losers move down.

» Other Events

We are running other events like exhibition matches, beginner tournaments and much more. Stay tuned for our next event.

King/Queen of the Court - Game Play Session


Registration Details
  • Sign up as an individual, we will rotate partners after each round
  • Participation in the tournament will be on a first come first serve basis. We offer 40 spots per time slot.
  • Please use the same registration process as for a normal squad
  • $27.50 per session
  • Registration Deadline: 12pm the day before the event
  • Max. 8 players per court – Open division, f/f, m/m, m/f are possible team constellations
  • Best of 1 point, next team in line serves as soon as point is over
  • Points are awarded only for winning the point on the King side
  • Missed serves do not count as a point for the King side, but the serving team loses their turns
  • Servers must alternate
  • Self-refereed games. If there is a dispute, it is an automatic replay in order to keep the game moving
  • Starting courts will be assigned according to grading
  • There will be 5 sessions of 15 min, with approx. 3-5 minutes of rest at court changes
  • At the end of each 15 minute session, the top 2 players (1 Team) move up a court, bottom two players (1 Team) move down a court
  • This needs to be a fast paced game, jogging to other side of the court, people standing by ready to play as soon as points are over
  • Points to be kept track of by players on the honor system. It is suggested that each time a point is won, teams call out to the court how many points they have. 
Scoring System

After each round players will have to fill in the “score sheet” and hand it to the tournament director who will award points to each individual player, which will be used to determine the King and Queen of the court.

Our Schedule

In case we have nothing scheduled at the moment, please stay tuned. The next event will be there soon!