Social Events Manly

We are regularly running some exciting social events in Manly on top of our extensive Beginner and Squad program like Crossnet Games, King of the Court or other events.

Check for more information below. 

Just Play

Social Events Manly

Our partner NBVA is in charge of running tournaments all year around for all levels, but to add even more fun to the mix of beach volleyball, we are regularly running social events. 

Those events focus on game play in a different context than the usual 2 vs 2 and promise a lot of excitement while providing a competitive atmosphere. We are always coming up with news ideas to get sandy, so keep checking this page to make sure you don’t miss out. 

Coach Marcelo regularly runs 60min Mega Crossnet Games for up to 10 players. It’s a popular session to work on your ball control and volleyball IQ.

Join competitive 90min of game play with rotating partners. Simple: 15min time slots of King of the Court, winners move up, losers move down.

We are running other events like exhibition matches, beginner tournaments and much more, sometimes in cooperation with our local partner NBVA. 

Our Schedule

In case we have nothing scheduled at the moment, please stay tuned. The next event will be there soon!