Why Beach Volleyball Is A Must To Try This Summer Sydney

Play Beach Volleyball

Did you know that volleyball is one of the most popular sports by participation in Australia? Yes, Australians of all ages love to play volleyball and beach volleyball. The growing popularity of this fun and competitive sport has prompted the launch of several volleyball clubs and companies in Sydney and other Australian cities. 

Apart from the clubs, you will spot many teenagers and adults playing volleyball in Sydney across different places such as the parks and beaches, especially during the weekends and holidays. Why? As it teaches important skills like fluid movements on the court, improves jumping ability, develops court awareness, builds confidence, and boosts fitness. 

Benefits of playing Beach Volleyball:

It helps burn fat & calories: 

If you want to lose weight and transform your body, it’s best to start playing beach volleyball as it helps burn fat and reduces weight. Reports suggest that a 30-minute game of volleyball can help you lose more than 200 calories, and a full game can help you burn as many as 500 calories. If you are looking for a sport to help you get back in shape quickly, you should join some volleyball for beginners. 

Improves hand-eye coordination: 

Volleyball requires coordination between eyes and hands. You need to be able to judge the ball well in an constantly changing environment and unlike other sports you are not allowed to catch the ball, which makes it very challenging at the beginning. Since beach volleyball involves just two players, every second touch is yours, so lots of touches and lots of action. 

Overall you could say playing beach volleyball makes you a better player. It helps improve your hand-eye coordination and boosts your indoor game performance as well. 

Builds speed, balance, and agility: 

Another benefit of playing beach volleyball is it helps develop a good balance, enhances flexibility, and improves upper and lower body strength. In beach volleyball players are required to serve, pass, set, attack, block, and defend the ball, and to master these skills, you have to build better balance as well as agility on the sand and be able to manage the wind.

Builds muscle strength and promotes a healthy heart: 

Those who play volleyball regularly not only have a strong lower body, but also have strong chest and core muscles. When spiking the ball, a lot of core stability is required to use a lot of torque (rotation) to hit with as much power and speed as possible. 

On top of that, the cardio aspect of trying to cover 64 square meters with only 2 players, helps maintain a healthy heart by circulating more blood and nutrients throughout your body.

What are the accessories needed to play beach volleyball?

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  • A portable net system or access to permanent courts on the beach
  • A beach volleyball 
  • Sun glasses
  • Equipment bag for your spare clothes
  • Any kind of brace you require to ensure your safety e.g. Ankle braces, knee braces etc

Or you can just leave your bikini or board shorts on, take your shoes off and play social beach volleyball down on the sand with your mates!

So overall, there is a reason that a lot more Australians aged 15 and above play beach volleyball these days. The game not only makes you active & fit but also teaches you teamwork. If you want to start playing beach volleyball, make sure you buy the necessary equipment and learn how to play this immensely popular game. 

Also & most importantly, you will have fun! If you’re a beginner & are keen to start learning volleyball or already know how to play & just want to join a Sydney Beach Volleyball team, then contact us for more information about our events in Manly & Maroubra or if you’re ready to go then you can click here to book a court. 

See you on the sand!