Free Trials

Our Free Trials are targeted to those that have never tried beach volleyball and want to try a new activity down at the beach.

We guarantee that with our “Get fit, have fun, meet friends” philosophy you will have a great experience down at Manly and Maroubra Beach. 

Learn & Play 

Free Trials

Great to hear, that you are keen on hitting the sand with us and try out one of our beginner sessions, feel free to contact us via to arrange a trial with us as soon as possible.

90min Sessions include:

  • Fun warm up, so that you are ready to be able to move in the sand
  • Basics in serving, passing, setting and spiking
  • Game play is introduced at the end of each session to put your skills into practice
  • No more than 12 players per coach
If you already have some experience and are uncertain about your level, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Grading Trial Contact Form.

For more information on our Learn & Play Courses, please check out the link below. 

Upcoming Trials