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Volleyball Tips for Beginners

There are many things you need to learn while getting started on volleyball. It’s crucial for beginners to get familiar with the rules of volleyball. Athletes need to learn basic skills (such as blocking, passing, digging, hitting, serving and setting.)

Beginning a new sport such as volleyball can be challenging. It’s fair to say that the sport of volleyball requires dedication, massive time investment, effective training and a lot of hard work to do.

To start off, you need some volleyball experience. After you get experience, you will find it a lot easier to continue mastering the art of volleyball. In this article we will be reviewing some tips to achieve to great things in volleyball.

Learn Volleyball Rules

It all begins with the volleyball rules. You’ll hardly be able to play volleyball if you are unaware the rules. That’s why it’s so important for you to familiarize yourself with the rules of volleyball.

Develop Communication Skills

The success of a volleyball player depends a lot on his/her communication skills with his/her teammates in an effective way. So, you should begin to develop communication skills after you get started with the sport of volleyball.

Avoid Catching the Ball

It’s worth noting that it’s important for players to catch and throw the ball during games. However, volleyball beginners tend to make this kind of mistake.

Call Mine When Such a Need Arises

While approaching the ball, letting your teammates know about your plans in advance can avoid misunderstandings and accidents. If you were to come across a misunderstanding during the game, calling “mine” can make the game less implicit.

Master Different Types of Volleyball Hits

The need to hit the ball may arise during the game anytime. That’s why a volleyball player has to be always ready to carry out an attack hit. Different types of hits in volleyball. Reality in each situation is different and requires the certain type of a volleyball hit.

A volleyball beginner should learn different types of hits including hard-driven spike, off-speed spike, standing spike, open-handed tip and others. If you learn all different types of volleyball spikes, it’ll be easier to hit the ball in any situation.

Avoid Setting the Ball Close to the Net

Sometimes, volleyball players set the ball too close to the net. As we can see, it’s the type of volleyball mistakes that so many beginners make again and again.

These kinds of things should be prevented from happening. Imagine yourself on the volleyball hitter’s position. By setting, you’ll make it more difficult for a volleyball attacker to hit the ball. As a result, the volleyball hitter’s options will be limited.

Bear Volleyball Court’s Lines in Mind

Serving the ball can be hard. Oftentimes, beginners get a foot violation during the games and practices. Beginners should try to keep the situation under control in order to avoid this type of violation and take a look at court’s lines from time to time.

Don’t Catch the Ball during the Game

In the rules of volleyball, catching the ball is not allowed. However, some volleyball players do this by mistake. It goes without saying that volleyball beginners should aim to get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible.

Always Warm Up Before Volleyball Games and Practices

Some beginners begin the game of volleyball without a warm up. Without a doubt, it’s a big mistake. If you don’t warm up properly, you’re risking getting an injury during the game.

Keep in mind that it may take a volleyball player too long to recover from an injury. Long breaks from training negatively affect volleyball player’s performance on the court and sport career.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. You should warm up to avoid different types of volleyball injuries during the game. Don’t start playing volleyball if you are not sure your body is well-prepared.

Learn How to Block Effectively

Blocking in volleyball is an extremely important skill and there is no question about that. There are some simple exercises volleyball beginners can do in order to become better blockers in volleyball.

When you just start playing volleyball, you may think that blocking is all about jumping in the air and keeping your hands up. In fact, it is much more than that.

Blocking if done properly could be a game changer. Keeping your knees slightly bent will be able to jump high. Otherwise, you will have to lower yourself first and then jump. You should jump high to make sure that your arms are over the net and your palms should face the net. Keep in mind that putting your hands up in the air is not enough for an effective block, this is so that you can block easier.


Use the Right Equipment to Play Volleyball

If you have just started playing the sport of volleyball then you should spend wisely on your gear and equipment. Despite the fact that volleyball doesn’t require too much gear. You will need to buy non-marking volleyball shoes. The fabric makes volleyball shoes lighter in comparison with basketball shoes. Make sure you will feel comfortable wearing the volleyball shoes.

Alongside that you should get knee pads to protect your knees from injuries. Padded shorts will help you protect your hips effectively when diving for a ball. There are also some other braces and pads such as wrist and ankle braces, thumb splints, elbow and forearm pads.

Watch How Professionals Play

If you want to become a great volleyball player, watching the games of professionals can be a really helpful activity.

Watch volleyball matches when you have time. You can find matches either on YouTube or on TV. You will be able to analyze how professionals play and how the volleyball team works during the game. By default your thought process will be more determined to win using strategies and logic.

Practicing Volleyball With Others

This is really great if you watch matches, tutorials and read a lot about playing volleyball. However, it is not enough to become a highly skilled volleyball player.

If you have no friends who would like to share the game with you, then you will have to find them. You will be able to find some local volleyball classes near you. There are also websites that bring together people who are passionate about the sport of volleyball. Play the game and improve your skills!


Thank you for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with the tips that beginners need to follow in order to take their volleyball skills to the next level. Train smart, work hard and the success will happen to you over time. As always, we wish you the best of luck!


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