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Put quite simply, if you don’t have the ability to pass, dig, bump the ball with consistency then your ability to rise through the ranks of beach volleyball will be severely restricted. There is little use in possessing the best cut-shot or hardest power hit on the planet if you never get a chance to use it because you partner (or team-mate) is running half-way down the beach to try and save your shank!

Here are some of our golden rules to good service reception technique:

  1. ALWAYS keep your arms dead-straight whilst passing the ball.
  2. Try to feel the ball contacting both arms simultaneously (below the elbows and above the wrist) during the dig.
  3. Get your body behind the ball. The more of your body you can get to the ball, and preferably behind the ball, the better position you will be in to use your body to push the ball to your target zone. This means move your feet to the ball as early and quickly as possible.
  4. Aim to dig the ball with some height so that your team mate(s) have time to get underneath the ball to execute a good set (so you can use your wicked cut-shot). Also you should try avoid passing the ball too close to the net. This will give the setter more space and help them to avoid touching the net whilst setting.
  5. Early preparation. This means getting your feet to the ball, having your arms straight and being behind the ball….all before the ball gets to you. Then use your body to forward the ball to your target zone.

Failing to do any of the above, and god-help you all of the above, will cause inconsistent results with your service reception.

Good luck!


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* Results vary from person to person.