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It’s been a great summer, lots of hours down at the beach, lots of sun and most importantly lots of beach volleyball. After announcing the player of the summer voted by the coaches it’s time to announce the players of the season 18/19 voted by you – our players!

First up big shout out to Lucy Holloway for becoming our Most Valuable Player (MVP). She has been doing more than 3+ squads per week all summer and convinced both coaches and players alike that she is a very smart and fast player on court. Towards the end of the season she regularly tested her skills in tourneys in Maroubra and other social tournaments.

Keep it up Lucy, we are sure you we will see you soon at NBVA tourneys!

Congratulations as well to Emma Nesbit – our Most Improved Player. She used every opportunity to get touches on the ball with more than 3 squads a week and additional private sessions. Emma is always open to feedback and very often approaches her coaches after squads to reflect the session and ask for additional clues.
Your hard work is definitely paying off, we hope you keep it up throughout winter to get ready for the next season!

Next up is Bianca Alba – congrats for getting voted as Most Dedicated Player. Bianca tries to get as many sessions per week in as possible and especially on weekends normally does 4+ squads. Our coaches agree that she is always on time, always very concentrated during sessions and always gives 100% on and off court, she even comes down to NBVAs to learn from her coaches.
Great work Bianca, we are convinced that your dedication is paying off!

Moving on to the fun part of our vote – we would like to congratulate Petra Kennis for winning the Always Positive Award. Petra is always smiling and always supportive on and off court. She is always up for a joke, but never lacks concentration or dedication at the same time. It’s a pleasure to have you around down at the beach – keep doing what you are doing!

Our next award is the prestigious Always Late Award and it goes to… to… to… wait she is not here yet… and it goes to Renata Nogueira. As a laidback, positive Brazilian chicka, she is a great addition for every squad and we are happy to have you. Keep up the effort you put in, but maybe try to be there for the warm ups as well in the future to get 100% out of every session 😉

Last but not least we are stoked to announce that Bahar Poorahrab received the most votes for our Most Confused Award. Bahar could have easily won most dedicated as well considering how many squads and tourneys she played this season. But you guys voted differently, we all love her though for being a bit confused on court. Great work over the last few months Bahar, keep it up!

Congrats again to all winners, you will get awarded with some great prizes from our partners: True Protein, DeVita Pizza and Silo Coffee.


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