Corporate Beach Volleyball Days

Sydney Beach Volleyball school offers the perfect vehicle to energise, motivate and unite your business in a fun and energetic way.

Professional volleyball coaches will assist your business or team in many different team-building exercises, which will create a competitive atmosphere empowering participants to learn new skills and applying them in a team environment.

Our professional coaches will teach all participants new skills and strategies in regards to volleyball and teamwork and how this can be implemented in a game or tournament situation.

The tournament will reflect the adoption of the new skills, communication and teamwork between the participants and the relationships that generated throughout the session. Teamwork displayed shows a commitment of your team members and examples of how teams can be motivated to work towards a common goal.

Call our professional staff on 1300 865 539 to enquire about tailoring a Corporate day for your company.

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Improve Teamwork. Shared Experience. Develop Stronger Relations. Common Purpose and Team Identity. Build Trust. Have Fun!